Electric drift scooters are among the most fun, easy-paced, eco-friendly, and fast vehicles. Unlike other modern vehicles, the electric scooter doesn’t cause any damage to the environment like the production of smoke and noise. Still, the rider can enjoy open ride with fresh air without compromising on speed.

Drift scooters seem very easy to ride, especially for people who never try a ride before. However, in reality, this ride comes with many challenges and risks if taken unseriously. So, if you haven’t tried these scooters before, here is the list of things you add to your don’ts list!

Avoid Driving on Bumpy or Wet Surfaces

You should never forget that drift scooters are not designed for off-road, except if you are a professional. In other cases, you might face serious consequences.

Riding the drift scooter on uneven ground cannot only make them unbalanced, but the jumps also affect the battery and motor in the system, as these scooters are very light, and, usually, their system might get damaged.

However, when it comes to wet roads, it can be a rainy or snowy day. You can ride the scooter on a wet road but at a slow speed and carefully. Otherwise, there are a lot of cases of drift scooter slippage on wet surfaces.

Don’t Use Under the Influence of Drugs/Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol are prohibited from riding anything because a person is not in his conscious state when addicted. However, this state can become more harmful when the riding is all about your right mental condition and perfect body balance, like in electric drift scooters.

So, make sure not to use the scooter even when slightly drunk. Otherwise, nothing can stop you from getting hurt.

Avoid Riding With More Than A Person

Riding with a passenger is an important part of safe riding. You should follow the road rules and wear protective gear when riding on your own. This can help protect both riders in case something goes wrong.

If you’re going to ride with someone else, make sure they know how to use all their equipment correctly before heading out on the open road. Also, ensure they know what they need to wear (helmet, gloves) and how much weight can be carried by each person without causing too much risk of injury or death.

Never Try To Jump Over Obstacles

This is a very common mistake that many people make. It’s easy to see how this could be dangerous, especially if you’re riding an electric drift scooter and the obstacle is oversized or heavy enough to cause damage or injury if your scooter hits it.

Still, there are other reasons why this should never be attempted, either. For example, when you go up an incline on a hill and jump off at the top, all your weight will be loaded onto one wheel instead of evenly distributed between all four wheels like normal. In such a case, the wheel will lose traction due to hitting something too hard.

Never Take Your Hands Off When Riding

When riding the scooter, never take your hands off the handlebars. This can lead to serious safety issues if you fall off, as the electric motor is not powerful enough to get back on without help. If you fall off, ensure your hands are still on the handlebars and steer straight to stay upright and stable.


Electric drift scooters are meant to have fun. So, ensure your only experience is as good as you want. Avoid being the movie or superhero when riding these scooters because you are not. Live and ride in reality and keep yourself and others safe on the roads.


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