A pressure washer with a Grandfall Pump is useful inside and outside your home. Inside the house, you can use the pressure washer to clean your windows, bathrooms, rooms, amongst others. Outside the home, there are walkways, driveways, rooftops and other places to clean. The way you will pressure wash a surface inside your home will differ from the process of cleaning an outer area. Inside the house, there’s a lot of clearing to do because there are chairs, decorations, and other electrical equipment that must not come in contact with water. Also, inside the home, you’ll want to use the lowest pressure possible to pressure wash so you don’t incur any damages by error.

Cleaning the exterior of your home is a very different process. There are fewer areas to clear up but more dirt to deal with. The outside of your home is usually exposed to all forms of dirt; therefore, the cleaning needs to be a thorough one because of the best purposes. Usually, outside your home, there are things you need to clear up and cover, like flowers and electrical equipment. Also, you have to be careful of where you’re standing, so you are at a firm point. That way, when the pressure coming from the device is much, it doesn’t make you slip. This guide will provide more tips to ensure you’re cleaning the exterior of your home the right way.

Choose the pressure washer type you want

The three main classifications of pressure washers are based on the power source of the pressure washers. The electric pressure washer gets its power from electricity, while the gas and battery pressure washers get their power from fuel and batteries, respectively. Depending on what you’re cleaning outside your home, you need a strong pressure washer. Mostly, the battery pressure washer is helpful for cleaning inside the house. The gas and electric pressure washers, on the other hand, are great for cleaning outdoors.

Choose the capacity of your pressure washer

The same way your windows are outside your home, your concrete driveway is outside your home. The pressure needed to wash the concrete driveway properly is way too much to wash your windows, except you want a crack. Therefore, depending on what you’re cleaning the most, you need to have the right capacity for a pressure washer.

Get a number of pressure washer nozzles

There are different pressure washer nozzles used for various purposes. These nozzles often have different colours indicating the degree and velocity of the water coming out of the nozzle. Since you want to be cleaning other parts of the home exterior, it’s important to have different nozzles for diverse purposes. There are nozzles that you can use to wash windows, some you can use to clean your driveway.

Have a safety kit

To pressure wash your exterior, you have to be careful about your safety. Therefore, buy the proper safety kit.


Apart from these tips listed above, remember always to hold the pressure washer gun with two hands and stand on a firm surface. Also, remember to leave a distance between the surface and your pressure washer gun.


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