Everybody understands that operating pressure washers from taps with running water is possible. Many people don’t know that these machines can also work from a full water bucket. You need to know that pressure washers can work everywhere, provided water is available.

How do pressure washers work?

These machines can draw water from any bucket the same way they do from taps and sprays the water. A power or pressure washer sucks water everywhere and shoots it out with pressure (force). Every pump has a unique GPM (gallons per minute). The GPM is the water flow rate via its hose. It is possible to make adjustments to either increase or reduce the GPM using the knob of the machine, same as PSI settings. To increase the GPM, you have to replace the pump since it’s consistent.

Settings for PSI determine the water pressure or force from the hose. You can tweak PSI settings to get a more reasonable force for cleaning and washing the surfaces.

Getting water in a bucket

It’s a technique you can use when water is scarce, or there isn’t any coming from a tap. Fill your bucket with water, connect your machine to it and start your cleaning process. Make sure you submerge the hose entirely in the water at the bucket base. The hose can float on the water, making it difficult to draw the water from the set bucket. You can add something heavy that will ensure the hose sinks.

Note that it’s essential to ensure that your bucket of water is free from any dirt and hard particles. Dirty water blocks the hose and valve with ease.

How to place your cleaning units

You need to place the water bucket correctly for effective cleaning. If it’s down or up the hill, it’s hard for the machine to work efficiently. Submerge the hose front head into water at the base of the bucket. It allows water to run out of bucket to the last drop. As you clean the hard surfaces such as concrete or cement, place the nozzle closer to the surface for solid impacts. You need to tweak the nozzle to get more effective cleaning power.

Why should you draw water from buckets?

Buckets are the best options for pressure washers to clean your surfaces when you don’t have a running water tap source. You can also fill the large tanks with water to have a steady supply, but the problem is the portability of such tanks. Small buckets are easy to move to the different areas you want to clean.

Things to consider

When acquiring a pressure washer, consider its GPM value and the maximum PSI. Some machines have a strong rating on amazon, like the Sun Jose.

Features of Sun Jose machines

2030 PSI

Cleans homes, RVs, buildings, boats, trucks, cars, driveways, decks, patios, and lawn equipment

76 GPM maximum and accommodates inlet temperature of up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Has detergent tanks 

Automatically shuts down the pump to prolong its life and save energy.

Stores various detergents to tackle different washing projects at once


Pressure washers are ideal solutions for your cleaning project. Make sure you read the user manual to know how to handle the machine for better service delivery.


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